I was half expecting a Bad Girls Club scene when Mrs. Twombly found out that Fenola was a phony.

Twombly: So you can read pets’ minds, huh?

Fenola: Um… yeah? *disingenuous blink*

Twombly: Uh-huh… read this, bitch. *wop*

Blythe: Hey Penny Ling, you might wanna take some notes.




imagealllevelsatonce replied to your post: Hey I’m home. Does anyone wanna mic with meee.


Do u wanna mic


Levels wants the mic.

Levels will get the Mc


Good ideas happen at 3am.


Good ideas happen at 3am.

That’s right, I took so many screencaps of Shivers that I ran out of room for a single one. I even had to omit one to make this one.

Epic Screenshot Dump: 4 of 4, because these squirrels are apparently pretty small. But that’s not stopping them from being just as amusing as the other pets. Multi-Colored Stripe was so perfectly placed under that heart that I had to take more than one.

Yeah yeah yeah, you got your own dump. Now calm your jets you little shit. You’re getting no more than a hug from Pep.

Epic Screenshot Dump: 3 of 4, Shivers edition, because he is a delicious part of this nutritious hitlist.

Epic Screenshot Dump: 2 of 4, because Minka just came here to be disappointed, while of course, more panda faces. Meanwhile, Sunil realizes he has feet.

So, I’ll go ahead and admit, I was genuinely jealous when Pepper was sympathizing with Shivers and all that shipping fuel. I’m not even the jealous type. God damn.

Anyway, Epic Screenshot Dump from “Blythe’s Pet Project”: 1 of 4, because Pepper likes dom- uh… then we have Zoe Trent.

Four, four, I meant four.